Monday, March 23, 2009

Post Vacation

The absolute highs of a fantastic vacation can only be followed by the inevitable lows of post vacation life. Between the drama of a friend's marriage falling apart quite badly to an insane perking up of potential work opportunities for the firm, I've barely had time to shake the sand out of my sandals since we arrived back in Northern California. Quick snapshots from the holiday:
  1. Racing on an America's Cup yacht in Cabo San Lucas when a Blue Whale and her two babies decided to give us quite a show just a hundred yards off our starboard.
  2. Discovering a TV channel on the cruise ship that showed nothing but old Love Boat episodes 24-7. Where have you gone James Bond III?
  3. Wearing Mexican wrestler masks and tuxedos during the last formal night onboard for dinner.
  4. Laughing for hours while we plotted a whole franchise of movies based on said Mexican wrestler masks.
  5. Hanging out and becoming (hopefully) life-long friends with an amazing array of people who came together only knowing our hosts, Todd and Laura, but left like we had become a new family or at least a clique. 
  6. My biceps have never been so sunburned. Ouch.
  7. Jack Palance is not really dead. He has just flashed out to an alternate universe for the time being.
  8. Johanna successfully feeding, from her fingertips, half of Mexico's seagulls with meats from the ship's buffet.
  9. Everyone should try out Gwabbit for MS Outlook or Ironclad Gloves. Trust me...
Oh well, back to work. Just a picture of the greatest invention ever, sandals with a bottle opener on the sole, until I can catch up with the real world again...

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