Thursday, February 19, 2009

A Post A Day

Though no one is reading this blog just yet, save you Mr. Bryce, I have decided to be as disciplined and insane as possible to make sure I post at least once a day. I will only make exceptions if a) I win the Lotto and am off purchasing a house in Barcelona. b) I am on a cruiseship to Mexico (less than a month away!) or c) We all come to our senses and decide the information superhighway is eroding our society and social skills.

The point of this blog is to finally have a semi-legitimate outlet for my stream of conscious and observations and to spare those within 10 feet radius of me after three pints of my very convincing arguments. I feel that my life has given me a unique perspective from the haves and have nots in the world and the differences that lie in-between, hence my need to be contrarian and libertarian (though a liberal one at that). I do keep another blog that focuses on graphic design and other visual-related thoughts but I seem to only get to that one every month or so, so prepared to be disappointed...

I do want to clarify that this blog shall not be "Things not to be said or TMI over the internet" as some have wont to do in their blogs. I really hate those people...

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